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Top Reasons Your Bathroom Needs a No Threshold Shower

If you’re looking to redesign your bathroom, picking the perfect shower design is key! After all, this is where you spend a considerable amount of time. You want your shower to feel comfortable, look elegant, and be safe for everyone. This is why you should consider installing a no threshold shower.

Why you may ask? We are offering up 5 reasons your bathroom needs one in your next design project!

Let’s get into it!

Aesthetically Pleasing

There is no way that you wouldn’t love the look of a no threshold shower every time you walk into your bathroom. These pristine showers offer an elegant and modern look to any home.

This design of showers also allow you to be creative when it comes to your bathroom design. You don’t have to worry about a chunky bathtub getting in the way if you have one of these showers installed.

Many people opt to put plants next to (and even inside!) their showers. You can also have them designed to perfectly blend in with your walls. Take a look on Pinterest for some ideas if you’re stumped! You’re sure to find plenty of inspiration.

Safe for All

One of the other reasons your bathroom needs a no threshold shower is that they are designed to be safe for everyone. You don’t have to worry about trip hazards or difficulty getting in and out of this shower design.

They are suitable for all family members from your little ones to your grandparents. This safety consideration can give you peace of mind anytime you have guests over at your house. It will also allow them to feel more comfortable being your guest!

Makes Your Bathroom Appear Larger

Who doesn’t want a big bathroom? It’s no surprise that showers take up a considerable amount of room in a full bath, but no threshold showers make it appear as if it’s not taking up much space at all.

One of the wonderful benefits is that they open your bathroom considerably. You can make it to where they easily blend in with the rest of the room by installing glass walls for your no threshold shower also.

Easy to Clean

There’s nothing better than having a clean and fresh bathroom. No threshold showers make cleaning much easier on you. Considering the layout of the shower, which is open and without nooks and crannies, it allows for smooth and quick cleanups.

Most traditional showers are a nuisance to clean. Once mildew and debris get built up and stuck in hard-to-reach places, it can make cleaning them a nightmare. Fortunately, the no threshold shower prevents this with their smooth, intelligent design.

Optimal Shower Experience

There’s a reason that most upscale resorts and hotels have these types of showers in their bathrooms. It is no surprise that these beautifully designed showers offer up the optimal shower experience. You don’t have to worry about grimy shower curtains getting in your way!

No threshold showers make your shower more of an experience than just a way to get clean. With their creative design, you will have light coming in as water trickles down on you. It gives the feeling of embracing a soft, warm summer rain – something that traditional showers can’t compete with!

The Rundown

There are even more than five reasons your bathroom needs a no threshold shower. However, these are some of the top benefits according to customers like you!

If you’re convinced to install a no threshold shower or looking for more information on them, reach out to the shower experts, Capitol Kitchen & Bath to schedule FREE consultation today!


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