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Capitol Kitchen & Bath partners with the best local fabricators and product suppliers in the industry to offer a variety of kitchen countertop options that will fit any space. Popular countertop options include laminate, wood, quartz, and natural stone. Our professional design staff will lead you through the selection process and present the best options available for your project. Our strong vendor relationships allow us to offer a competitive price and help you and your contractor to coordinate from template to install. Visit our Design Center to see the most current trends and styles for countertops today.

Custom kitchen countertops in Springfield, Illinois


The countertop colors you choose can depend on numerous factors, including the amount of space and natural light present in your kitchen, and the types of patterns and amount of color that fits your personal style. Color options can range from classic whites to bold brights and all of the earth-toned neutrals in between. Patterns can mimic natural marble and stone for a more toned-down, classic look, or can feature an eye-catching bold pattern for those who desire something more exotic. 

Countertops can vary in price based on material, color, size, and more. Your designer will work with you to find the best material for your budget and lifestyle.

When it comes to custom kitchen countertops, our staff is equipped and always ready to help you with a smile. Our designers can combine your visions with their design and product expertise to help make the kitchen countertops of your dreams become a reality. We will work within your budget to help you maximize your design options and make the installation process as easy as possible without breaking the bank.

Laminate kitchen countertops in Springfield, Illinois


An affordable option that is durable to withstand kitchen activities such as cooking and cleaning.


A beautiful, luxurious-looking material that resists bacteria and requires little maintenance during its long lifespan.

Quartz countertops in Springfield, Illinois
Natural stone countertops in Springfield, Illinois

Natural Stone

This premium material requires more maintenance than other options but can keep a kitchen looking stylish for decades when cared for properly.


This classic material can be easily customized to fit any design style and has a number of benefits including its ability to withstand messes in the kitchen from preparing food or cleaning.

Wood countertops in Springfield, Illinois
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Faucets & Fixtures

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