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High Tech Bathroom Gadgets

Look anywhere these days, and you’re likely to find some high tech gadget helping to direct how we communicate, act and even think. In many ways, society has morphed into a real-world version of “The Jetsons,” with computers, apps, widgets, and other mechanized gizmos providing conveniences that we once thought impossible. There’s no single area of life that hasn’t been touched by technological advancement; the bathroom is no exception! Take a look at some cool high tech bathroom gadgets to use in your next renovation:

Chromatherapy Bathtubs and Showers

Move over old-school Bluetooth® and make way for disco lights! Smart technology has allowed us to shower with instant access to music for a while, but recent trends are now seeing the thoughtful use of lights being added to the bath experience. Called chromatherapy, this alternative treatment utilizes the visual spectrum (colored lights) to promote mental and physical wellness. There’s even research (see here) that backs it up! To take part in this current craze, look for options from many of the major suppliers of bathroom fixtures, like MTI Baths, that allow a range of colored LED lights to be added to the water of a bathtub or shower.

Savvy Toilet Features

High tech bathroom gadgets can also be added to the toilet. Constantly forgetting to flush? Want the seat to be always left down? Have a hankering for a warm place to sit every once in a while? Hate cleaning? Well, you’re in luck! There are several toilets that you can add to your bathroom that automatically open and close, heat, flush and clean themselves so you don’t have to do anything but the business at hand!

Touchscreen Taps

Another useful high tech bathroom gadget is the touchscreen tap. With this feature, you can set your sink, bath or shower faucet to dispense your exact water temperature and flow preferences. In some instances, you can even program your faucet to distinguish your preferences from those of others, allowing you to create a truly personalized bath experience!

or TouchLESS Taps

For those wanting an even more environmentally friendly alternative to digital taps, there are touchless tap options that allow users to further regulate their water usage. With these types of faucets, you can actually turn the water on and off instantly, possibly saving up to 700 gallons of water a year!

Towel Warming Drawer

Of course, who doesn’t love a warm towel? A relatively inexpensive, high tech bathroom gadget to easily incorporate into any bathroom cabinet is a towel warming drawer. With both plug-in and built-in options available, you could have a warm towel to wrap around yourself in no time at all!

Want to Find Out More?

To learn more about these and other high tech bathroom gadgets that can elevate your bathroom design, as well as your experience, please contact Capitol Kitchen and Bath. We can help you review the options that make the most sense for your own personal needs and your budget. After all, the best high tech bathroom gadgets are really just the ones that benefit your lifestyle without breaking the bank!


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