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Reasons a Modern Kitchen Backsplash Will Take Your Space To The Next Level

Modern design is all about clean lines and neutral colors. While often confused for contemporary design, modern design is actually quite different, representing the preferred design elements of the early to mid-20th century (i.e., monochromatic, simple, and minimalistic color and decor) rather than any number of other styles made popular by present-day trends. Nevertheless, today (in 2022), modern design and contemporary design are often synonymous. Homeowners continue to harken back to the neutral palettes and sharp lines made most popular in the 1950s, adding modern design features to their homes in an attempt to highlight form and function in equal measure. This type of design is especially apparent in today’s kitchens. Take a look at how incorporating a modern kitchen backsplash takes your space to the next level:

Makes Your Kitchen Cleaner

Modern kitchen backsplashes make use of materials such as stone, steel, glass, and clay tiles that naturally provide an easy-to-clean surface. Unlike other wall coverings (plaster, paint, or wallpaper, for instance), modern kitchen backsplashes are smooth and washable, allowing you to easily keep your kitchen free from dirt and grime and looking its best.

Makes Your Kitchen Unique

In addition, modern kitchen backsplashes make use of so many different kinds of materials and shapes that you are able to create eye-catching showpieces with little effort. For example, tiles can be arranged horizontally, vertically, or even on the diagonal to make a statement with little effort and/or run up the entire length of a wall to generate a dramatic effect!

Protects Your Kitchen

Of course, a modern kitchen backsplash — by its very nature — preserves both the utility and the beauty of your kitchen. Remember that modern design underscores form and function; it aims to accentuate beauty while still maintaining a certain level of usefulness. In this way, a modern kitchen backsplash ensures that the walls behind your stove and counter are not only aesthetically pleasing and unique but that they are properly protected. A modern kitchen backsplash shields your kitchen walls from moisture, water, grease, and other debris, prolonging its integrity and, thus, protecting your investment.

The Capitol Kitchen and Bath Advantage

Modern kitchen backsplashes are frequently incorporated as a key component of contemporary home design. To learn more about using them or other types of design elements during your own renovation, please contact our professional designers at Capitol Kitchen and Bath.


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