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A Complete Guide to Modern Cabinet Handles

Changing out the hardware in your kitchen or bathroom is an easy way to change both the style and the function of your space. Unlike a lot of other types of renovations, it doesn’t require a lot of money or take a lot of time. Indeed, in most instances, the perfect modern cabinet handles can be picked up locally or ordered directly online, allowing you to create a whole new look for your kitchen or bath in hours (or just a few days if you decide to have them shipped). Here’s what you need to know in order to choose modern cabinet handles that meet your style, as well as your needs

Consider Utility

Modern cabinet handles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, many of which impact the utility of the cabinet itself. Consider how you (and other occupants in your home) approach your cabinets. Does it feel better to grasp a large surface or pull on a knob? Are your cabinet doors heavy? Do you have a lot of drawers? You touch and use the hardware in your kitchen or bath multiple times a day and, thus, should pick modern cabinet handles that accommodate the size of your hands, the type of cabinets and drawers you have, and your preference for pulling from the top vs. the bottom. For instance, some type of pull (whether gripped from above or below) is usually better suited to large, heavy drawers, since they are easier to grip and help distribute the additional weight of each one as you opened and close them. Pulls also require less dexterity, making them especially convenient for people with arthritic hands. Knobs, on the other hand, are often easier to install and cause less damage to the face of the cabinet or drawer than pulls. In any case, don’t forget to think about hygiene and whether or not the modern cabinet handles you think you want will actually be easy to maintain and clean!

Then Think about Style

Think about the design aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve only after you’ve thought about how you prefer to touch and use your cabinets. Style is important, but functionality is key. With that said, of course, you want to make your kitchen or bathroom unique, or at least, uniquely YOU. Do you like shiny or matte finishes? Dark or light colors? Are you more contemporary or traditional? Remember that good design is timeless and think about more than passing fads.

Next, Assess Size and Placement

Scale and proportion are important elements of good design. You need to choose modern cabinet handles that are the right size and then space them appropriately so that your room retains a balanced and cohesive look. This doesn’t mean that all knobs or pulls should be identical. On the contrary, in many kitchens and baths, it makes sense to use a variety of several cabinet handle types. The key is choosing the right finish and placing each handle in the best location of the cabinet or drawer. Layout is key, since it will be almost impossible to cover your mistakes if you start screwing in the wrong place! Use painter’s tape to help you visualize where your handles will go, and measure twice before you pick up a drill. Some things to bear in mind: longer pulls draw the eye, which is fine if the hardware is what you want to highlight. It’s not if you want people to focus on other parts of your design. Also, colors won’t necessarily match across manufacturers. There are countless shades of chrome, brass, and even black. Buy a few samples of all the modern cabinet handles you are considering and compare them against any other(s) sharing the same space. (Just make sure returns are accepted!)

Need Assistance?

It’s not hard to change cabinet hardware, but with all the options available on the market today, the expertise of a professional kitchen and bath designer can make all the difference, saving you even more money and time. To learn more about modern cabinet handles and how to pick the very best ones for your own project, please contact Capitol Kitchen and Bath.


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